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The Serbian hell. In search of asylum

From Monday 16 November to Monday 30 November 2020

by Barcelona Provincial Council

Photographic exhibition in which the journalist Jose Antonio Sempere presents the image of thousands of people who are in extreme situations looking for opportunities for a better life in Serbia, a border country with 4 states of the European Union and 4 of the republics that belonged to Yugoslavia. Serbia is the last frontier for thousands of people trying to reach the European Union. While Greece continues to be the main country of transit of refugees and immigrants, Serbia follows the steps.

After crossing the Mediterranean, Greece and Macedonia and traveling thousands of kilometres, sometimes on foot and with temperatures below zero, since 2010, immigrants from Afghanistan , Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nepal have been installed in Serbian forests. It is estimated that, at present, there are about 11,000 refugees, many of them boys and girls, who do not receive any other type of help than those provided by volunteers. The author shows us through 23 photographs the living conditions of these refugees in Serbian borders.

The exhibition will be held from 16th to 30th November.

Organised by Barcelona Provincial Council with Josep Comaposada Foundation.