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La solidaridad entre los jóvenes salva vidas

Saturday 28 November 2020
by Ayuntamiento de Altea (Promotion)

Training session developed by Cruz Roja Española en Altea for people under 30 years of age. During the day the young people analyze a very broad spectrum of solidarity. Traditionally, solidarity is associated with donating money or NGOs. In this case, young people are taught that dedicating their personal time to skills training can become an activity of solidarity towards the community and in meeting the challenges of a sustainable future.
The day is developed around the example of training in first aid, to end with the reflection of how they can act in the future once they have the skills acquired.

Sede de Cruz Roja Española en Altea. C/ Consell, 3. Altea

With Maria Antonia Laviós Zaragoza