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La importancia de la 3ª edad solidaria

Wednesday 18 November 2020
by Ayuntamiento de Altea

The activity reflects the work developed by volunteers of Corazón Exprés during a year. It is an awareness-raising activity aimed at the elderly and the general public to show the great solidary contribution of the elderly. In it, the double benefit of solidarity in older people is analyzed, on the one side the health benefit on older people and the benefit on community that receives solidarity.
The activity is based on the work carried out by volunteers of the 3rd age during the year. The volunteers
Exhibition of the work done
Sample of achievements and impact
Adaptation of the activity to Covid-19
The event is open to the public, who can freely attend and is conducted by the association’s volunteers, getting personalized attention and allowing the attendee to interact first-hand with those responsible.


With Mrs. Maria Antonia Laviós Zaragoza