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Exhibition “Xauen, the Blue City. A road to sustainability”

From Tuesday 10 November to Friday 20 November 2020
Centre d'Estudis Joan XXIII - Jesuïtes Bellvitge – Hospitalet de Llobregat
by L'Hospitalet City Council

This activity aims at reinforcing knowledge and innovation for SDG’s implementation through reinforcing and developing collaborative networks among municipalities in order to achieving sustainable cities able to develop with human, technical, logistical and innovation resources in the long term thanks to different projects fostered by the Development Cooperation and Solidarity Programme of the L’Hospitalet City Council in Xauen, a northern city in Morocco in order to improve its economic and social capacity.

The exhibition includes various aspects of the city, its history, demographic growth, social characteristics, the medina, the natural surroundings, tradition… It also includes a pedagogic approach in order to address the reality in other countries through a positive and motivating message.

The exhibition will be held from 10th to 20th November.

Organised by L’Hospitalet City Council with ONGD CATALANA ALKARIA.

With Ms. Maria Angeles Sariñena Hidalgo, Tinenta d’alcaldia de l’Àrea de Participació i Relacions Ciutadanes