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Árbol solidario

Wednesday 25 November 2020
by Ayuntamiento de Altea (Promotion)

Árbol solidario is an activity conducted by local entity Corazón Exprés. Tree of solidarity is an awareness-raising activity carried out in collaboration with local companies. The initiative seeks to highlight the importance of solidarity in an environment that is very prone to talk about solidarity such as the business world. The activity is developed with two main elements, a Christmas tree and the personnel of the companies
The activity anonymously brings disadvantaged children together with people with more possibilities.
The activity takes place in different local companies
-To raise awareness about a fairer business ethic
-No child in the world without a toy
-Protect children from labor exploitation


With Mrs Maria Antonia Laviós Zaragoza Citizen Participation, Altea la Vella, Foreigners, Employment Promotion, OAC and European Projects.